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There are no easy answers. There never are. The first step toward finding an appropriate compromise is to use cryptography. It's out there, for public consumption, but the public needs to use it for their private communication needs. Only when the public understands the nature of their own privacy, will they ask ``Why do you need to look into my mail?'' rather than ``I've got nothing to hide, why should I protect my mail?'' They will hopefully have a deeper appreciation for their own personal liberty, and whether government protection comes at the appropriate cost. Because until the public knows what privacy they are giving up, they will not percieve any loss. Until that happens, the few cypherpunks and human rights activists and other individuals who do use encryption need to educate and protect the liberty of the many and protect the public right to make an informed decision on how much control the government should have on their privacy.

Paul Ingemi 2004-10-25